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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Meditating Toward The Me I Want To Be

I've posted here and there about the Law of Attraction.  I have quite a few cool stories of things that have happened as a result of a combination of meditation, positive thinking, and positive living.  It's true that what you put out there will attract more of the same.

Well, lately I've felt a bit down in the dumps about money again.  I am so tired of feeling like my dreams and goals are so far off into the future.  I'm tired of feeling trapped by my circumstances and by the feelings and thoughts that others have about me or toward me.

So, this afternoon I took about 90 minutes and closed my eyes to meditate.  I ended up doing something really fun in my meditation.  I hung out with the future me.

The future me is the me who is living in my dream home and doing what she loves while living in abundance.  Her husband and son are happy and thriving, also living out their own dreams.  The future version of us is content and confident.

The future me is a healer.  She loved me today in my meditation, and she healed me from the effects of toxic thoughts and toxic cells that were weighing me down.

I asked her what I should do to make the present me be the future me sooner.  I told her I was ready to be fulfilled.  I will not share the answer she gave to me, because it is highly personal, and I actually am still trying to figure out what was meant by what she said.

But after spending time with the future me I felt so peaceful and glad.  I felt a sense of hope and calm.

I'll be hanging out with her more often.

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