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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get Real

The sentiments I expressed in my previous post are ones that hold a lot of weight in what I consider to be "quality of life".  Taking time for family, friends, and even strangers is a goal which can be accomplished in ANY country and not just in Mexico.  However, it is obviously easier to live up to this goal if you are in a place where taking time for others is a way of life.

So, how else do I define quality of life?  Well, let's do a little list-making.  I LOVE making lists!  They help me see things realistically and analyze problematic situations.

A)  Educational system ~ I have always been impressed by the knowledge of world history, current events, science, business, and other subjects that most people display in Mexico.  I happen to know that students have to work VERY hard in Mexico to achieve good grades and make it into universities and grad school. An education is highly valued in Mexico.  Something else that I like about schools in Mexico is that most every school uses uniforms.  I think this helps to prevent bullying and distraction and I'm all for it.

*****And here I must edit, because, as my husband pointed out, not all schools in Mexico give an excellent education.  Just like anywhere, if the school has the funds to back them up, they can offer a better education to their students.  Often times a private school is your best bet for a good education, and thankfully the fees aren't overly astronomical. 

B)  Time For One Another ~ Well, this is something I talked about in my previous post, but if we talk specifically about our situation I can tell you that if we lived in Mexico we'd have a LOT more contact with family and time for date nights, fun with friends, and family outings.  Partly because of the logistics of where we'd be living, and partly because of the way of life in Mexico. 

C)  Career Possibilities ~ I have never been able to narrow down a specific career goal for myself.  There are a number of creative avenues which interest me but I can just as easily take those up in Mexico as here. One option I've been exploring is becoming a teacher.   I could easily find work as an ESL instructor in the area to which we'd be moving.  Mr. Husband, however, would do much better career-wise in Mexico for a few different reasons.  One reason is that he is more at ease and confident in Mexico since it is his home country and he is very familiar with the ins and outs of business and hoops to jump through, etc.  Another reason is that the  type of business that he is interested is much more likely to be successful in Mexico than here.

D)  Healthcare and Healthy Living ~ In the place we would be going, there is quality healthcare available for about 1/5 the price we'd be charged here.  Medications are cheaper, which means Jose's asthma can be controlled without breaking the bank.  There are also plenty of workout facilities, not to mention people walk a lot, so exercise would come easier.  Fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables can be found daily at markets, year round.

E)  Stress Levels ~ This one's tricky.  At first, my stress level would be high because of all of the changes that we'd undergo.  Even after adjusting to the changes I will very likely have moments of homesickness.  However, the lifestyle of most places in Mexico generally holds a slower pace than the city where we now live.

So, anyway, this is my shortlist, in no special order of importance.  It's important to note we realize that one's happiness does not have to depend on one's surroundings.  We realize that hardships can be experienced anywhere.  But after spending many years struggling and spinning our wheels in the same place, it may just be time for us to move on to other pastures.

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