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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Que te mueve!!

My waist is stiff today.  I never knew my waist could be stiff.  Why, you ask, do I have this mild discomfort?


A few years ago when my son was about 18 mos or so, I was watching an infomercial for Zumba, and I thought it looked like fun.  Also, the before and after stories sucked me in.  That happens a lot with me.  Tell me something is good for weight loss or to get you into shape and you may or may not hold my attention.  Give me a good before and after story, and I'm all ears and reaching for my checkbook.  So anyway, I ordered the darn videos.

And it was fun.  So much fun that I lost almost all of my baby weight.  Then something happened.  I still don't know what it was, but I'm guessing it was a combination of stress, bad habits creeping back in, or an age-related metabolic slow down.  Who knows.  But I gained all of the weight back and a few more pounds just to really drive home my feelings of self-loathing.

Blah, blah, blah..... felt gross............blah, blah, blah.................sort of gave up and started drinking wine every night.............. blah, blah..................only 4 pairs of pants in my closet fit me and we don't have any money to buy new ones nor do I want to because the size on the tag of the pants that actually fit me is too depressing.

Okay.  So my long-time friend drops by to see me and looks absolutely fantastic, because she's lost weight while following Weight Watchers, and she's smiling ear to ear.  She talked me into joining.  I just finished my second week.  I'm seeing results! 

This second week I decided to incorporate just a wee bit of ejercicio into my day.  So I've been popping in my Zumba DVDs, and Beto is kicking my arse, I say! 

1) The music!
2) The dance moves are easy enough for anyone to try.
3) I don't feel silly doing it, nor would I feel silly if I was in a class with others. The point of Zumba is not to show whether or not you can move like Charo (remember her?).  However, it's fun because it makes you feel like you can learn to move like Charo!  Like there's a sexy Latina in all of us! 
4) Beto is really adorable.
5) There is variety of different movements so you aren't bored.

So, anyway, I'm hoping that my inner Latina will shake and shimmy the grasa right off of this waist (and thighs, butt, and tummy!) and maybe by the time we go to Mexico I'll have whittled my size down to the happier and more energetic version of me.   It's actually one of the things that I forgot to include on my "Triptik" post of things we must do before going to Mexico! 

Gotta go now.  Time to Zumba!  Que te mueve!


  1. Good luck. My aunt actually starting doing the zumba videos too and she loves them.

  2. ha ha, I have gone to exactly 4 zumba classes at our gym and I felt like such an idiot each time that I just stopped going. My friend Robyn really likes them so she says I need to go at least 8-10 times before I stop feeling like an idiot. I'm trying too! We all got to do this together, be our own personal support system, lol.

  3. :) Maybe the instructor is too intense? It's supposed to be a fun workout, not one that makes people feel self-conscious! They need Beto to step in and lighten things up. :)