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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Walk in the Dark

We've got our flashlight on, and we're headed out for a hike. It's a bit dark outside and we'll only be able to make out objects which lie within about 8 feet in front of us.  But we have a map, we know how to call for help if necessary, and we are excited to go somewhere new.

If you haven't figured it out, I'm talking about our plans to move to Mexico.  We still haven't decided on exactly when we will be going, but we figure since we know we're going we may as well begin taking steps in that direction.

This week we are going to start the process on obtaining Mr. Husband's citizenship.  He is a legal resident, but we feel that it would be best to get his citizenship taken care of before we leave.  There have been so many wacky things going on regarding immigrants and lots of speculation on how laws may be changing here in the U.S., and we think it's better to be safe than sorry.  I'm excited for Mr. Husband and I think it's something that he'll feel really good about.

The other thing we'll be doing in the near future is enrolling me in an online TESL course, so that I can have a certificate to show potential employers in Mexico.  I have a B.A. in Spanish and Communications (I double-majored) but I don't have teaching credentials, though I do have some ESL teaching experience.  Really I'm sort of excited to take that course because it will refresh my memory on some grammar and give me some teaching ideas.  I don't know what course I'll take but I'm open to suggestions!  (Hint, hint!)

So, that's what's up for now.  We're taking those first few steps.  We have lots of questions and issues to resolve, but we know that it will all come together.  Actually, all of the unknowns make the journey more interesting! 


  1. Only able to see about 8 feet in front of you sounds about right. A huge difference between my husband and I is that I can plan so far out into the future and work towards my goals. Since he doesn't have his visa, he can never plan out farther than couple days because something might happen. When it comes to moving to Mexico, I sometimes feel that I can only see a few days into the future as well. It's hard for me at times because I'm a control freak, plain and simple.

  2. I know, it really is hard to let go of being able to plan everything down to the letter. All I know is that things HAVE to change for us, because we don't want to continue down the same path we have been going down for the last 10+ years. I'm sure your husband feels imprisoned by his current resident status. It's really a tough spot to be in. I'm grateful that we were able to fix those problems before they tweeked the immigration laws a few years back. Best of luck to you and your husband as you work through the changes!