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Saturday, March 5, 2011

What if.....

For many years we have discussed the possibility of moving to Mexico, so we've had plenty of time to think of all of the "what ifs".  For the heck of it, let me just throw a bunch out there for review.....

What if I get homesick for the U.S.?  ~Well, that's gonna suck.  Inevitably I will have moments of homesickness.  When I lived there before, I got homesick a few times, and to make myself feel better I'd do something that I'd never do at home.......I'd head to McDonald's and console myself with cheeseburgers and french fries.  That was before the Internet took the world by storm.  I imagine that in this day and age my homesickness would be a bit easier to deal with, what with Skype and Facebook.

What if we fall victim to the horrible violence that is so prevalent in the news about Mexico?  ~Well, let me begin with another question..... What if my house gets broken into tonight by the people that have been breaking into numerous other houses within my 6 block radius during these last few weeks?  Also, after Mr. Husband having taken a trip there and reporting that all is "business as usual" and people are still smiling and living their day-to-day lives, and after having spoken myself with friends in the city where we'd move to and having them tell me the same thing, I have come to a conclusion.  It would be silly to base our entire decision on what we've been seeing on the news.  Especially since in the state we're going to there have been very few incidents of violence involving gringos that didn't stem from outright stupidity, carelessness, or direct involvement with the drug scene.  That said, OF COURSE we would be careful, and not go out at night to questionable places.  We would not be hanging out with dangerous crowds.  We'd use the same common sense that we are using now! 

What if we try it and decide in a couple of years that we've made a big mistake? ~Um, well, then I guess we chalk it up to another life experience.  But a counter question might be "What if we don't go and continue in the same environment, hating the long, bitter cold winters and feeling like we are living out a life sentence instead of LIVING?"  Now, speaking practically, I will say that it would only be wise to have a little nest egg in our basket here in the USA in case we want to come back.  That's something we can start from here before we leave, and just keep dropping more eggs in the basket from warm, sunny Mexico.

What if my family and our friends get mad and everyone thinks we're crazy for moving there, given the news coverage that Mexico is receiving recently?  ~Okay, this is where I have to really put on my thick skin and realize that we will not be able to please everyone, but we absolutely must live our lives in a way that is fulfilling and that sets a good example for our son.  We are big believers in living out dreams and making the most out of the time God has given us.  We feel we have some dreams to live out in Mexico, and we want our son to know that we are doing our best.  It's clear to me that some people seem to feel that giving up on the American Dream is bordering on blasphemy.  Well, then our values are different than theirs, and that's the only way I know how to put it.  Also, to be fair, my husband has been here for 13 years and never once has he complained.  It's time to hang out with his family for awhile!

Any other "What ifs"?  Maybe.  But these were the biggest ones that pop into my head at the moment.  There is still the question of "When?" and we don't yet know the answer yet.  Patience, my little doves.......patience. 


  1. WOW!!! So you'll be moving to Morelia! I love Morelia! I've spent a lot of time in Michoacan and it's such a beautiful place. You lucky girl!

  2. Hey there just found your blog through Jackies. For sure people will think your crazy, but its your life and your decisions. You have to do what is right for your family. I had someone tell me if I left it would be a waste of a good nurse. I still think of that when I look at my lovely family and know that I wasted nothing.

  3. Jackie: Yes, Morelia is a beautiful city and I'm lucky enough to have a few friends there, too, which I'm sure will ease the transition! I'm excited about it.
    Amanda: Depending on how they meant it, the person that said that (about your leaving being a waste of a good nurse) may need a lesson or two in thoughtfulness! It's so great to find some new cyber friends who understand where I'm coming from. Thanks for reading!