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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So, What's it Gonna Be?

We need to come to a decision about this move.  I mean, really, we've already decided that we are moving, it's just that we haven't agreed upon when.  Realistically, it could be anywhere between 9 months and 2 years from now.

Personally, I think it would be nice to allow our son to finish his first year in Kindergarten here in the States, rather than uproot him right in the middle of a school year.  He's going to be attending a Spanish immersion school.  He already speaks Spanish and English, but the only person he consistently speaks Spanish with on a day-to-day basis is his papa.  When we toured the schools (we are wait listed for 2) we were delighted to find that the majority of the teachers are native Spanish speakers, and that slightly more than 50% of the students are native speakers as well.  We know that going to a school such as this is going to help ease our son's transition once we finally do go to Mexico.

There's also the issue of saving money before we go.  We're sort of in a strange position because yes, we want to save money, but not having the means to save the money is one of the key motivators that is pushing us to move to Mexico.  I know it will be easier for me to find steady work once my son enters kindergarten.  For now, we are just cutting out the frills, discount shopping, and I'm trying to pick up hours tutoring and at my part-time job.  We do not want to be dependent upon his family for everything when we get there, and the more money we have saved the more independence we'll enjoy.

So, when are we going??  I think there are many things to consider, namely all of the things on the triptik (IE. to-do list) that I presented a few entries ago.  Also, I want to allow my family the time to get used to the idea and I don't want to leave here with them angry at us.  As I type this I am coming to the frightening realization that we are nearing the time where we need to share our decision with my family.  Yikes.


  1. Good luck sharing the news. I remember June of last year was the first time I went down to mexico with Javier. This was right after he got deported and I had to warn my mom while I was there that there may be a good chance that I would be going back and possibly staying. It was a difficult thing, my mom is very sensitive person and a big cryer. Half of my family was for it and the other half not so much. Either way you can not make everyone happy. You are going to do what you need and want to do and eventually all may family did come around. Some are even saying they will come visit me and my parents just got their passports. It definetly makes the move alot easier when you know everyone supports the decision. Suerte!

  2. Good luck with the decision. When we decided to make the move, (well i decided my husband had little choice as he was already in MX) it took 1.5 yr to actually go through with it. We were attempting to save money before the move, but found i saved really very little.

  3. My parents are still upset that I moved to Mexico and I've been here for 19 years! When I moved, I was young, just graduated from college, no responsibilities, no debt, etc, etc. So the decision was easy. I understand how there are diffferent issues that make your decision a little more complicated.

    When you mention the schools for your son, are they in Mexico or the States?

    In my opinion, Mexico is not a cheap place to live. If you have dollars, yes, then it is less expensive than the States. But if you're living from pesos, it's not easy. Items like cars, computers, appliances, and nice clothes are SUPER expensive.

    If you and your husband had jobs waiting for you, that would be very helpful. Check out this web page You'll be able to select the exact city/state you'll be moving to and it will give you an idea of what's out there and the kind of salaries you might find.

    Good luck Lorraine. Personally, I think you guys should just do it. Things are going to work'll see.

  4. Ladies, your words mean a lot to me right now! Thanks for your encouragement, thoughts, and advice.

    Lisa, you're right. We won't be able to please everyone. Some people will be upset at first, but we cannot control their feelings, and we shouldn't have to continue living in a way that doesn't work for us simply to please other people.

    Rebecca, I think of all of the couples out there like you guys, who were forced into a decision to move to Mexico because of immigration problems. I'm grateful that my husband and I were able to fix those issues before the laws changed and that we don't have that added stress. I'm glad that you are able to be together now!

    Jackie, it's interesting because I think back on the time that I spent in Mexico in the years right after graduating college, and I remember how much I wanted to just stay there to live. But here we are, more than 15 years later......Anyway, I have to agree with you on the point that Mexico is not necessarily inexpensive. I think the thing that attracts us (besides the fact that all of my in-laws are there) is that my husband has some potentially great opportunities awaiting him there. As for me, I really need to get rolling on figuring out a job, and I REALLY appreciate you giving me that link! I'm going to get started on some of my to-do items. Thanks for the motivation! :)

  5. Forgot to answer your question, Jackie. The immersion schools I talked about are here in the States.