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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Envisioning my Vision Board

A few years back, when The Secret was all the craze, I made a vision board.  I really enjoyed making it, because it really did get me to focus on my goals and desires.  I would use it quite frequently.  I always felt happy after focusing on those goals during a meditation or even just daydreaming.

I had a lot of stuff on that vision board.  One was a van, and that one came to fruition.  I was pretty pumped about it.

My son was a lot smaller at the time and I was working a full-time job on top of being a mom.  We were going through some really tough times with losing our home.  You can read all about that in my earlier posts.

Anyway, I kept up with studying about the Law of Attraction and I have had some really sweet things come into my life because of it. I'll have to post about that soon.  You'd be amazed at some of my stories.

But I sort of lost track of my vision board.  It got put into some boxes and now, 3 moves later, I'm not even sure if I have it anymore.

I may just make a new one, rather than search like mad for the other one.

After all, goals and dreams do change sometimes.

It's a cool, rainy Sunday today.  Perfect day to work on a vision board.

Maybe you could do one too?

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