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Sunday, September 14, 2014

¡Que te Mueve!

*******Another post originally written back in October of 2013********

Twelve hours have now passed since I did my second Zumba workout within as many consecutive days, and there is not enough Aspercreme in all of Texas to relieve the pain in my calves and thighs.

On the bright side, I slept the whole night through last night and woke up feeling rested for the first time in quite a few months.  Also, I feel cheerier.  Almost sprightly!  Okay, not sprightly.  Not yet, anyway.  But chipper.  Yes, chipper is a good word to describe my mood both today and yesterday, after having dripped about two gallons of sweat and negative energy from my bad ass self.

It's all part of the master plan.  The release of the slim, sexy lady.  She's hiding within me and she has been dying to get out.  She WILL come out, and soon.  And Zumba is going to play a huge role in executing this plan.

I wonder if yesterday's instructor used to be heavy, and released her inner sexy lady after getting healthy with Zumba?  My, my.  That woman was gyrating, shaking and twerking all over that studio's stage.  For a moment I thought I'd gone into the pole dancing class by mistake!  I expected Miley to come prancing in to join the class at any moment.  All joking aside, she was very energetic and a great instructor.  I liked her class because I could follow most of what she was doing and she didn't change things up every 5 seconds.

I was proud of myself yesterday, after having earned a thumbs up from the instructor for my salsa moves.  I credit this success to living room Zumba workouts, where Beto and the gang taught me the basics without any pressure or glances of disapproval if I slacked at times, or collapsed on the couch.  Yes, after yesterday's class I was feelin' pretty proud of myself.

Then today happened.

Different teacher.  She played awesome Latin music and displayed a wonderful, laid back attitude.  But every two steps was something different!  There were like 47 new steps in each 5-minute song, for pete's sake!  I imagined myself to be performing like Ethel and Lucy might in a ballet recital. Sometime around the 40 minute mark I began to feel a little pissed.  Where was that confidence from yesterday?!

But then I looked around at the dear ones in the studio, and was put at ease.  They weren't perfect, yet they were smiling, having a great time, and giving it their all.  A few of them sent some of those smiles my way.

I'll be going back tomorrow.

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