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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Maybe I'm a Buddhist Christian

I got two books from the library yesterday.  One is called "The Lost Books of the Bible" and the other is about the life of Buddha.  For all of you, not knowing who I am, it would appear as though I am searching for answers.  You are right.

But I'm not searching for answers for lack of being given a foundation.  On the contrary.  I was raised in a Christian family and was very active in church as a youth.  I attended a Christian college and worked in a Christian camp. I have a relationship with Jesus that runs deep.

But I am still searching for the truth.  Not the truth, as in, "how can I know God."  No, I already had the pleasure of understanding and feeling the immense LOVE that IS God.

What I am wondering about are the questions surrounding religion and the hows and whys of what was included in the Bible and how much is based on previous stories that were passed down through other religions much older than Christianity.

I am wondering about the people who made the decisions as to what all of the rules and doctrine of Christianity would be.

I feel that most of what I want to know in life can be quickly learned if I ask the question, "Why?"  Funny how that is the main question from a child of 2 to 5 years old.

As for the book about Buddha, well, technically Buddhism is not a religion.  It's a philosophy.  It's a philosophy which I've become more and more drawn to over the past few years, so I want to learn more.

My husband has always doubted Christianity because of the way the Church seemed to manipulate and control the masses.  He is also interested in learning about Buddhism, so we're on the same page here.

So, there you have it.

Just another part of our journey.

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